Friday, November 30, 2007

Winter wonderland

Amphy, her mom, Goodie, and my mom are in Boracay today(sniff! sniff!) I should have been with them enjoying the beach and getting a tan(feeling! hehe) but here I am in Walnut, freezing and having asthma attack! Hell, this is still US and I'm lucky I'm here! It's now my 6th day and I've been shopping for 'bilins' of relatives. One down na! I've already gotten myself shoes, eye cream, and later, a bag :) I've been hunting for Dooney, of course but when I checked its price, which I am aware of already, I had second thoughts. Hehe I was still hoping that there could be a sale or discont maybe. I just got myself a make-up that day hehe. I haven't taken pictures of myself much since no one's gonna take pictures of me in the first place. Second, I could not stand standing in the cooooold weather! And lastly, thre's really not much of a 'view'that's worth taking pictures of...but myself hehe. This one, taken 7am today on my way to work.

I took this picture..hehe!