Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Supah excited

Two and a half more weeks to go and I (together with my cousin and parents and on the 5th day my Honb, Czarvic, and Kenson) am officially off to my favorite beach in the country..where else?!

This will be the longest stay I will have on the beach and so I have been 'dieting' religiously for 4 weeks now. Been trying to workout for 4 to 5 days a week and aiming for a healthy 1-2lbs./week fat loss, (take note, fat! not water weight). Despite the effort I have been allotting for weeks now, still it's not been the same as the weight loss I've had 6 years ago, when I was at my heaviest at 22 yrs old and slimmest at 23. =) Maybe it goes with age and metabolism slows down or maybe it's easier to lose when you are really really fat since there's a lot to burn hehe! A lot of maybe's but as Honbunch says, everybody gets old so why whine about it?!

Anyhoo, I've been wanting a black or yellow bikini top for ages but didn't chance upon one until 2 weeks ago on ebay. I have bought a plain black bikini top from ebay Australia. It was priced at 60% less than the ones sold here at Stoked. I have been to 3 branches fitting their bikini prior to buying just to know my exact size(hehe). I had bought several items from ebay US stores and once from an individual ebay-er before and had those shipped to a US address but this is the first time that I had an item shipped to the Philippines. The seller said that I would receive the item in 5-10 days. To my surprise, (yes!! I wasn't expecting the item would arrive on time or would arrive at all) I received the bikini yesterday..yohooo! I received a freebie from the seller, too bad it's not really my style..look!!!! (lololol)

So there goes flaunting my freebie item since I have no guts wearing this on the beach but let's still see mousy bee.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Piggy Bank

Last week, my Hon was craving for pizza as usual so we headed to Shakey's Makati Ave to get one, of course pizza for him and Greek Salad for me. While we were waiting for our order, an old beggar was waving at the glass door outside and selling his piggy bank. He really looked old and weak and it was heartbreaking to see him beg while people inside were feasting. I do have the heart for old beggars and would rather give them a dime than those annoying children sniffing rugby on the streets. I remember way back in College when I was driving along Osmena highway on my way to school, when a kid banged my window and aggressively asked for 20 pesos, hello?! There was no way I would give in to that behavior so I signaled 'NO' when all of a sudden, lo and behold! a spit came out flying to my direction. Good thing, I had my windows up. So beware of flying spit!

So back to the old man, I wanted to buy that piggy bank from him to somehow help. Besides, I've wanted a piggy bank ever since I was a child but never had one, I think it's cute. Hon was facing away from him and was asking me the whole time if he was still there since he wanted to give some money too. There were also 3 other people, 2 girls and a guy, on the other table who could see the beggar so I overheard the other girl asking her guy friend to go outside to buy from him. They got the big pig for 110 pesos. I thought it was kind of pricey though. On our way out of the resto, I was ready to buy already from the beggar. As expected, he approached us and sold one happy pig. Up close, the old man looked like he had a disease on his left leg and a cataract. Tsk tsk! At least, he was happy he had two piggy banks sold within 30 minutes. I am happy too with my purchase, it's ccuuuttteeeee!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A First time in 2009

I've been to Baguio several times but this is the first that I've been with my cousins (minus the parents and guardians lol)and first time to see the Flower Festival which happens every February of the year.

February 28

- Left Manila at 6pm with 3 cousins, Honb, Darius, Melvin, Bianca, and 1 couple which I've met for the first time.

- Grabbed a dinner and bought toiletries at Luisita Mall in Tarlac, and of course...took some photos of a choochoo train.

- Arrived in Baguio at 1am, had a transient house ready for our stay that night, had some drinks, then dozed off

- And my first time to take a bath without using the heater!!! brain freeze!!!

February 29

- Woke up at 715am to catch the Flower parade, which they say would start at 8am, got a good slot to take pictures of chilren in costume and got tired after two hours

- We were disappointed that the parade would actually happen the next day and the locals said that we had to be there from 3-4am and the latest would be 6am since the place would be packed soon after that time, all of us agreed that we weren't waking up that early hehe

- Had brunch at House of Waffles

- Checked in at Manor, got 3 rooms and took more photos

- Went to Mile-Hi to check the export overruns but ended up buying nothing

- Went back to the hotel to sleep

- Off to Dencio's for dinner and bought liquor =)

- The weather wasn't that great(hot) last Saturday as compared to Friday's

- Drinking time

March 1

- Woke up at 10 to check-out

Hehe so we really didn't do anything at all in Baguio but slept. At least I had fun with my cousins. It was the first time that we really got to bond. So I am looking forward to spending the next trip out of town with them again. Next stop...The Beach!!!