Friday, August 21, 2009

Antonio's finally....

I finally got to experience dining at the most raved about resto in Tagaytay, Antonio's Restaurant. I've always invited Honb here but never got the chance til' last weekend when JA and Z brought us there. They've been to the place several times already but it was my first and of course honb's too. I've been hearing good reviews about their food, especially the steak, which I believe, is one of the specialties of the house. I'm really not a fan of steak (Thank God!) but got my mind made up for this already, it was the dish I was eyeing for.

We had our dinner reservation set at 730pm and at exactly 735pm, we arrived, took some pictures.

We were greeted by their receptionist at the front door and was asked under which name our reservation was. We were then led to our 'already set' table for 4 and were handed the menu. Lo and behold!

As Honb and I were told, the cheapest dish would cost about P1,200 and the steak for two would be P3,500. Turned out we were misinformed, their steak for 2 was already priced @P4,200, quite expensive for a steak but what the heck, there was no turning back and I was sure I'd go for the steak.

Each meal already comes with house salad, soup of the day, dessert, and coffee or tea. J and Z ordered the recommended freshly squeezed Dalandan juice (P200/pax?) for all of us, which to me, tastes like that of Jollibee's, only the latter's sweeter (really!!).

The house salad

The soup is to die for!!

Our medium well-done steak showing a hint of pink in the middle. (My first time not to eat a well-done steak but all of us enjoyed it, it was oh so tender, oh so juicy!!! parang commercial! =) Sorry but this photo doesn't give justice to its real look.

The dessert(s)

Shall I go back? Maybe or maybe not. Maybe if I have extra dough to spend but not in the near future.

And so I shall leave you this.....

"To see, to taste, to feel, and to experience Antonio's fine dining once in your life is a must."

DaƱos y perjuicios:: P10,560 for 4 pax