Monday, January 19, 2009

Loser and Winner in just seconds!

Woke up at 5:16am today to check an ending auction for a cam I've been watching and bidding on ebay, which for 4 days, I've been the highest and only bidder of. And to my horror the bidding price had gone from $250 to a whopping $340. 50 seconds left and I still had second thoughts of bidding again but did anyway, so I remained the highest bidder @ 30 seconds, it was only a matter of seconds to having that item and just when I thought I was the winner. ..tsk tsk I hit refresh and found out that the item had been sold for $360 and the message 'Sorry you have been outbid, the item has ended' displayed. What a way to have an adrenaline rush in bed! Anyhoo, there was this another (same) item I'd found which was ending in 18 minutes so I relaxed, took a deep breath, freshened up, and said to myself, 'This is mine!'. I've been surfing and watching ebay and amazon since Dec 26 and told myself that I have to meet a deadline and so this is the day. I ain't waking up early for nothing. And so I placed my bid, hit refresh button, adrenaline pumping, heartbeat soaring, then came a friend's voice in to my head, 'Naku yang mga yan sa kahuli-hulihang segundo nag bibid, makikita mo nalang natalo ka na, dapat mag bid ka ulit ng mataas.' So even though I was the highest bidder @ 50 seconds, still I silently prayed that my smartbro prepaid wouldn't fail me, placed another $10 higher bid, prayed over the cam intensely, and hit refresh! refresh! refresh!

Yess I am a winner and now I am officially a pornographer (and a few $ pooorr). I can't wait for my Palaw, Bora, and Bora trip! Wohooo! Off to jog! Happy Monday! boosh!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy 2009 to everyone and with a new beginning comes the new year's resolution:

1) positive! positive! positive thoughts! optimism is the key!
2) save up!
3) workout more!
4) new hair style
5) new cam - i badly need one - I just want a handy digicam that's got the quality of a dslr. maybe a nikon p80 or the canon sx10.
6) new job?! - i'm free (of my bond wooohooo)
7) more lovin'

There are no endings..only beginnings! ('chux!' - Marlon)