Sunday, September 20, 2009

Decisions! Decisions!

People say(nakkks)that one will undergo a turning point in his life which involves choices, tough tough ones, that one has to make a real hard decision out of those choices.

I just filed my resignation recently and it was hard and emotional. I never thought that leaving my workplace would be that devastating, it was like breaking up with a loved one, with an ex, and I really can't figure out which was more difficult between the two. Safeway has been my 2nd home for 5 years, not to mention, it was also the project/client I worked with for 3 years prior to joining Safeway, so it's really painful leaving my comfort zone, friends, and wonderful people I have worked with for a total of 8 years.

I have been offered a job in $ingapore. I got my final interview last Sept. 10, was told that I passed the next day, and 3 days after, the contract arrived & I was only given 5 days to sign otherwise, it would forever be gone.

Many factor$ to consider: relationship, age, $AVINGS, family, my pooch, fear of the unknown - work!

Relationship - I am also one of those people not into long-distance realtionships, I have actually experienced this once, 9 or 10 years ago, and true, it didn't work out. But it's all in the mind, if Mike(6 mos?) , Cha(6 mos?), Aline, my best friend(2.5 yrs?) did it, so can I. Besides, I feel (90% sure)like He's the Juan (keso!)buttt we can never tell pa riiinn =p

Age - I am turning 30 this month and have pondered on my achievements. What should mid-twenties or 30 year old women have, (aside from being married of course) in terms of career, relationship, etc? I wouldn't wanna stay here then 1 or 2 years later, regret 'the day I stayed' AND say 'sayang meron na sana akong ganito kung nag punta ako dun 4 months, 6 months ago, 1year ago' or 'ano kayang na miss ko dun?'

$AVINGS - I have one of course, but thinking about what other people have, like my closest cousin, who already has her own house and millions of moolah, it still boils down to much do I have? As they say, money can't buy happiness but it can buy you a house, car, and the like. It can buy your loved ones anything which in return makes them happy so I say it surely can buy happiness! So I am hoping that by going away for awhile, I can have my own house built by age 30++, have my 'own' car by 31, invest into stocks someday and of course, more Dooney bags (lolz) (WAKE ME UP!!! slap! slap!) That is, if I can resist not having...

My Rambo - who always welcomes me at my doorstep and sleeps with me. I can always talk, see and _=)__ my honb whenever I feel like it(thanks Cebu Pac!), go home to family(thanks again Cebu pac, yahoo, and skype), but the absence of my pooch in my bed is soooo sad.

Work - I have already accepted the fact that work in SG is toxic. Safeway has been my comfort zone for 8 years and entering the world of the unknown is fearsome! 'Will I do good? Who will be in my team? May kontrabida, inggitera, at ma pulitika ba?' Bring it on!

Independence - I didn't take much into consideration being alone in Sing because I know that I've got many friends out there and I've got no problem being independent, I can cook, I can do my own laundry, I can do household chores. I am actually looking forward to it.

These are few of the things I have pondered on but my list is countless and goes on and on, I have actually made two pages of the Pro's and Con's (during the last 8 sleepless nights) of staying and leaving and SG wins.

So to my close friends - see you every month.
to my Not-so-close friends - see you in 4, 5 or 6 months!

Why 4 months? I still wanna try my luck in SG by giving myself this timeframe. If I can't make and stand it, I am going back in 4 months. If not, then you'll know. What's important is the fact that I at least tried. So be it!

This is it!