Thursday, December 30, 2010

What's yours?

Two days to go and it'll be a new year. 2010 has been a good year for me, so many blessings have come and wishes granted. And now I am so excited for 2011, I feel like it'll be a good year for me. And to make it better, I have come up with my New Year's resolution which I think I should share with you:

1) Diet and workout! - This time I should really stick to it! And to make it more challenging & exciting, I'll create a blog about this and keep you updated about my weight loss. My target is to lose 10-15lbs by April.

2) Save and invest- I should try other means of saving - mutual fund, stocks, real estate, etc.

3) Plan an out of country trip - Isn't this something big to look forward to? I and my cousin are cooking something up and it's still a secret haha. What's more exciting than having an out of town/country wth your closest girlfriend?

4) Learn something new - Either enrol myself in a technical course, learn a different language, photography, or try cooking a different cuisine - anything new will do!

5) A new hairstyle - Shorter or dyed hair - always wore my hair short and dyed (Burgundy) in College - geeeesh that was gazillion years ago. I'll do this before going back to Singapore

6) Jogging - I should distinguish this thing from working out. LOL. Either once or twice a week jogging should make my list. This is a must in Singapore!

7) Eat, Pray, Love - I haven't seen this film --- YET but I vow to eat healthy, pray a lot, love and smile more :D

8) Blog :)

That's all for now. Happy Holidays :)