Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cheap Boracay Hotels

It's only 2 weeks till our Boracay and I am pretty much excited already. Before anything else, I'd like to share this hotel we are staying at - The District, a new hotel  recommended by our friend Marlon. We got the room for half the price from Dealgrocer but I still consider it expensive so we only got a 3d/2n package then afterwards staying at the usual hotel I've grown to love - Milflores. Here's a photo of the District Hotel:

                                            Photos from

              The Hotel Location: I think the kidney-shaped? pool is Red Coconut's so this is almost near Station 2 and near Starbucks, which is good!

And now on to the Budget places....


I love the rooms, bathroom, homemade oatmeal soap, and customer service in Milflores! Too bad I wasn't able to take a photo of their bath. If you are lucky, you can book early and get their rooms for the promo price of P2,600. It used to be P2,300 a year ago, I think they increase the price by P300 yearly as the website already shows a promo price of P2,900 for 2013. You just have to be quick to make the advance bookings since I am guessing they only put 1 - 2 rooms on sale each day. The hotel only has 9 rooms, and all are mostly identical. For only P2,600, you get a room for a maximum of 4 people, and a free breakfast for 2 pax. This is non-beachfront but it's just located at the back of Astoria or Starbucks, a few steps and you're on the beach. So whether you're staying here as a couple or a group of friends, Milflores is a good catch!
                                                     I took this photo (November 2010) 
                                                                     For more photos, go to tripadvisor  
                                                                  The free breakfast

What excites me more is my cousin joining our Boracay trip and it will be his first time in Boracay. He will be staying with us at Milflores on our 3rd night onwards but he has nowhere to stay yet during his first (or two?) night and since this is a free trip for him, budget is limited. I searched for the net for 2 days to look for a cheap, yet private place for him to stay.  And here are my cheap finds for the peak season:

Station 1:
Niu Ohana - P1,450/2pax/fan room w/out breakfast. Beachfront. Formerly Cocomangas resort.
Watercolors - P840/2pax/fan room w/out breakfast. P1,240 if upgraded to aircon rm. Beachfront. Beside Willy's(rock) resort.
Frendz Resort  - P1,600/2pax/aircon private room w/out breakfast (They have P500/head for a 6bed room, non-ac)

Station 2:
Seabird Boracay - P1,650/night/1pax for a single bed room, aircon room with yummy breakfast(I tried their inhouse resto - big serving!) located at the back of Red Coconut Boracay.

D'Mall: All rates for 2pax
Serendipity - From P1,340 fan room to P1,600 aircon rm (no  brekky for fan room)
Fat Jimmy's - P1,210 fan room, P2,000 aircon room, both with breakfast
Bora Sky Hotel - P1,675 aircon room with breakfast
Veli's Inn - P1,680 aircon room with breakfast
Isla Gecko - P1,800 aircon room with breakfast
Panorama Boracay - P1,600 aircon room (not sure if bfast included)

Station 3:  Very cheap Peak season price  Station 3hotels!
Boracay Courtyard - P1,000/1-2pax for an aircon room with breakfast stub/s for 2 pax and you get to use the sister resort's (La Carmela de Boracay) pool. Almost beachfront.
Starfire - P1,100 no breakfast (not sure if acon or not). Beachfront.
B&B Beach resort - P978 fan room without breakfast. Non-beachfront
Highlands Spring Resort - P800/1pax/fan room w/out breakfast, P1000/1pax/fan room/with bfast, P1,200/1pax/acon/with breakfast. Non-beachfront
Orchids - P700/fan/no breakfast
Ocean Breeze - P1090/1pax/aircon/no bfast(P790 if offpeak), P890/2pax/fan/no bfast(P590 if June-Oct for 2 pax), Breakfast @ P85-P150
Trafalgar - P590/2pax/fan rm/no bfast, P900/2pax/aircon/no breakfast, P250/bed/sharing, P450/1pax/private rm/shared bath -
White Beach Divers - P500/fan rm only. Beachfront 
Bora-Bora Inn - P900/2pax/fan rm. Just read from a blog. 
Boracay White Blue Divers - P800/1pax/acon/with ref, & safe, P920/2pax/acon both w/out brekky. Beachfront

I am considering Boracay Courtyard for the price (P1000 only and you get 2 sets of breakfast or add P100 for buffet and get to use the pool) and Watercolors or Fat Jimmy's for the location. I am also considering the mode of payment. Others require 10% downpayment, 50% dp, credit card, or bank deposit/remittance. Only 1 resort agreed to reserve the room without any deposit. I guess I'll just let my cousin choose.

The rates for 4-6 pax are really cheap! I even saw P1,500-2,500/6pax/aircon room. Sorry I can't remember where I saw it from (but definitely one of the hotels above) but if you are really on a super duper mega tight budget but still want to experience Boracay, then why not try one of these hotels and then tell me your experience. :)

*I should get commissions for this hihi

Outta here!


Rean Mc said...

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ana6elle said...
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ana6elle said...

Hi Rean! I'd also like to stay @ pearl of the p one day, especially the beachfront rooms, they have a nice &wide beachfront. I only tried the cheaper ones in station 1 - sur, white house (a free stay during a friend's wedding), nigi too, and one resort/beach house near Friday's which I think is haunted :P Someday! :)

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