Thursday, October 25, 2012

Atkins after two weeks

I am happy to announce that I have lost 7 lbs in (almost) two weeks of doing the Atkins diet. I did it for 13 days and gave up on the 14th day. The weight loss is not evident but my clothes are loose and they fit better now. I think most of it are just water weight, I think I may have lost 4lbs water weight and 3 lbs of fat(or whatever!). I've also been doing the Jillian Michael's 30day Shred & some weight lifting for 8 days straight but I missed yesterday's workout. (I felt depressed and shocked yesterday upon hearing the loss of someone dear so my energy levels were kinda low)

Now I have started eating carbs which I have been missing so much - I started my day with an oatmeal with unsweetened almond milk and a dose of equal sweetener(I know 'artificials' are bad but I am missing my sugar too). I'll stick to oatmeal for now for breakfast and see what happens, weight loss maybe slow but at least it is a healthy diet and may even repair the damage which my high-protein diet did to my lipids and God knows what more. Eggs and Bacons for breakfast used to eggcite me but not anymore. I think I'll never look at eggs the same way again. It now makes me nauseous seeing it. I also developed back and chest rashes which are so fugly and they only started appearing for the first time after doing this atkins. So goodbye to Atkins for now.

10/14 - 1#0
Started Atkins:
10/17 - 1#5  - Lost 5 lbs of water weight in 3 days, this was due to my vacay in Manila, I am not counting this
10/25  -1#8 - Lost 7lbs.

Target weight:
11/01 - 1#7
11/08 - 1#5
11/15 - 1#3
11/18 - 1#2

I can do this!

Outta here!

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Eat rice laaaaaa