Thursday, October 18, 2012

Atkins Induction Flu

I have failed my plans for September. I actually gained 4 lbs *pffft*. I went to Phils 2 wks ago and surprised (and envious!) by my hubby's cousin's enormous amount of weight loss in just a month. I think he may have lost 20 lbs or so in just a month by doing the Atkins diet. He would eat almost everyday with us but he'd just order meat or 1 whole chicken from Baliwag when at home and would finish it in one sitting. He even eats chicharon! How fun is that? So I promised myself I'd do the same thing when I get back to Singapore. And yes, I bought myself Chicharon to start with haha.

This is the Atkins menu that I  have been following/'alternating' for the past week:

2 Hard Boiled Eggs, 1 cheddar cheese, Green Tea bag OR
1 hard boiled egg and 1/4 cup boiled pumpkin

Snack: 1 cheddar cheese with half cucumber OR
2 slices of Cheddar cheese

Lunch: 1 Roasted Chicken Black pepper Thigh/breast OR
Pork Ribs and Watercress Soup OR
Salad with Roast skinless Chicken breast with olive oil/acv dressing

Snack: 1 Cheddar Cheese with 1 Hard Boiled Egg OR
1 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk

Dinner: Ginger Chicken soup OR
Cheeseburger without buns OR
repeat my lunch menu

3Liters of Water a day, 2 cups of sugarless black coffee/week.
No soda, no juice, even lemons are restricted. Deym!

I have been following this diet for 1 week and have lost 6lbs. I think most of it is water weight but I am still happy and my feet are thanking me since they no longer hurt when I walk, and my clothes are loose(or so I feel hehe). I feel so lethargic, nauseous, weak, and experience some light-headedness. I am terribly missing my carbs, even my cereals, oatmeals or kaya toast during breakfast. Thinking about eating eggs for breakfast makes me sick already. It sounds good and fun to know that you can eat steak, chicken, pork, and limited fish on Atkins but I am not that type of eater. I am a pasta, pizza, and chips lover, but also a veggie eater! I love vegetables! I am so missing my carbs and my junk food already. There are also limited veggies you can eat during this phase - broccoli, pumpkin, tomato, cauliflower, asparagus, spinach, leek, eggplant (others are alien to me) - all of which have high contents of uric so I am sticking to my lettuce and pumpkin.

As for my workout, sad to say that I cannot even lift my 3lb-dumbbell nowadays, while during the past 2 months, I've already been lifting 6lbs :( I am so missing my workouts. I tried doing one but only lasted 5 minutes and felt like fainting. I was only able to do one full workout yesterday with the help of a caffeine boost. I cannot even climb the stairs without running short of breath. I think I am experiencing the Atkins flu. I'm whining again, ain't I?

The Verdict: It is effective for weight loss but very unhealthy especially if one has a (borderline)high cholesterol and high uric acid levels like me. (I've had high levels of those since I hit my 20's :/). If you want a rapid weight loss without starving yourself and depriving yourself of meat, cheese, fats, this diet is for you. It is not for long-term diet plan since I am still a believer in carbs - be it white rice/bread or brown rice. You will lose weight - FAST and still can eat your cheeseburger. Will I continue it? Maybe for another week and see if I lose another 2-4 lbs after which I will go back to my low glycemic diet :)

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